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Q.  How do you handle foreign orders and shipments?

A. Race Engineering has been exporting since the 1980's.  As it is difficult to quote international shipping charges, we will offer you several options after the order is placed. Customers can select either option or cancel the order.  We usually do not capture your funds until we ship.  Because we have an authorization to capture funds, your bank will have placed a hold on them.  Note we offer discounted FedEx shipping.

Q.  Do all piston sets include rings ?
A.  Most sets now include ring sets.  We review all internet orders for selection of compatible parts prior to shipment and will contact you if something needs to be corrected or added.
Q. What is compression ratio ?

A. This is simply the volume of the cylinder plus the combustion chamber and head gasket (as measured by a liquid) when the piston is at the bottom of its travel (BDC), divided by the volume measured when the piston stops at TDC.  If you filled an assembled engine through the spark plug hole with the piston at BDC and measured 500cc’s, then measured 50cc’s at TDC, that would equal 10:1 compression.  This is why stroker (larger) engines want to build more compression, because the piston has created a taller cylinder at BDC and will squeeze this volume into the exact same smaller volume at TDC.  This volume at BDC multiplied by the number of cylinders also determines the size of the engine, measured in cc’s or in cubic inches.

Q. Which rod is stronger, an H-Beam or an I-Beam ?

A. That depends on the quality of material used and the engineering involved in the design. Machining (the removal or stress risers) is also critical.  We stock H-Beams that are stronger than some I-Beams, and I-Beams that are stronger the some H-Beams.  Note that some “econo” rods can show improved strength with optional high-end  rod bolts. Price is usually an indication of quality and strength due to the cost of materials and accuracy of the machine work.  Also remember that horsepower usually doesn't break rods.....load (weights, boost, rpm) and some tuning errors are the usual culprits.