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Our History 

Race Engineering began operations early 1982 as a piston manufacturer. As the industry grew, it became obvious that no one company could produce the optimum part for every application. We made the decision to offer our own line of specialty pistons, each machined by whichever company could do the job best. Our parameters included lightest possible weight, accuracy, durability and pricing. Currently, Race Engineering stocks the lightest oval track pistons on the market for Nascar late model stock, 305 truck classes, ultralight 4 barrel flat tops for 350 engines, 4-eyebrow street stock and 2300 Ford motors. Of course, we stock a huge inventory of shelf pistons from all major piston manufacturers including Wiseco, JE, SRP, CP, Ross and BRC.

In the mid 1990’s, we were one of the first to offer components for (import) Sport Compact engines and have developed strong technical knowledge in this field.  We have heavy inventory of forged racing pistons by Wiseco, CP, JE, and SRP and our own new G5 series. These are suitable for nitrous, all-motor and turbo applications. We stock all major lines of connecting rods and crankshafts.  For the latest and hard-to-find applications, our XT pistons (by Wiseco) and XTP series (by CP pistons) are always available.  We also stock proprietary Carrillo Super-A beam rods for the newest engines.  We actually stock more applications than most of the manufacturers.

Trust our 33+ years of experience in selecting the right parts for the job.